Part 1  Introduction

  1. The Study of Management
  2. Part 2  The Theory — Components

  3. The Management Universe
  4. The Requisites of Activities
  5. Motivational Objectives and Boundaries
  6. Relationships, Roles and Environments
  7. Specialisation, Power, and Teams
  8. Part 3  The Theory — Operation

  9. Processes and Systems
  10. System Controls
  11. Evaluation and Implementation
  12. Organizations
  13. Operational Procedure and Communication
  14. Part 4  The Theory — Interaction

  15. Ownership, Persuasion, and Negotiation
  16. Investment and Reward Distribution
  17. Management Integrity
  18. Management Control
  19. Part 5  The Theory — Application

  20. Case Study Examination
  21. Strategic Investigation
  22. Operational Investigation
  23. Part 6  Origins and Foundations

  24. Historical Background
  25. Management and Science
  26. Foundations of Logic and Theory
  27. Antecedent Management Theory
  28. Part 7  Conclusion

    Part 8  References

  29. Sources
  30. Part 9  Definitions

  31. Glossary
  32. Part 10  Equation and Logic Diagram Notes


Each chapter of the book is concluded with a review. These reviews are a set of informal comments on what is an unusual if not unique approach to the study of management. They are deliberately written in a direct and less formal style than that used within the body of the chapters. They are an attempt to let us reflect on what the chapter has been attempting to show us and where we are within the overall story so far. They are intended to highlight particular topics that we have encountered, and their relative importance within the general scheme of things.

The book is also available in the form of a pdf file.

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