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The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a fundamental insight into the theory of management as a subject, rather than simply a review of past and present management practices and texts. The book is intended to help readers gain an understanding of management in a comprehensive, logical and analytical manner. It aims to provide a general theory which allows management problems to be analysed unambiguously and enable solutions to be evaluated rationally. The book is directed towards all people who wish to understand the fundamental principles of management and business. It should be understandable to readers at all levels from undergraduate to postgraduate students and from junior to senior professional managers.

The text makes use of simple metaphors and cartoon-type illustrations, not to trivialize, but to provide simple images and models to illustrate and reinforce complex management concepts. The book can be read either from beginning to end, or as a reference to specific topics. It is supported by a glossary that aims to be convenient for both English speaking, and more importantly, by other readers whose first language may not be UK English.

The author's management experience covered over 25 years as a manager in industry, in business and management consultancy, in processing, production, construction and information systems and technology in the UK, and latterly for 10 years as a specialist Management Adviser in Eastern Europe. His 25 years teaching experience as a business school lecturer covered management, business, marketing, information systems, computing, and research over many years.

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