CHAPTER 12 - REVIEW - Ownership and Exchange of Resources

We have now reached one of the most controversial areas in the Management Universe. Ownership of resources, particularly territory and property has been the most powerful determining factor in behaviour throughout human history.

One of the primary functions of management is to control the processes of ownership and possession. Enhancement, conservation, or deterioration occur naturally and inevitably to resources whether or not they are possessed or owned. Possession of resources does not cause the effects of enhancement, conservation, or deterioration, – but management can change them.

One of the other primary functions of management is to control the process of exchange. As part of the process of exchange we encounter the process of persuasion. Persuasion consists of any combination of Enticement, Coercion, Deception, and Demonstration. We should regard this relationship as one of the most important in the Management Universe. Persuasion is an essential part of management.

The other important relationship that is worth remembering is that of the third element of persuasion – deception. Deception consists of any combination of Omission, Distortion, and Fabrication.

We have also examined the process of negotiation which depends on persuasion. We have seen that this can be considered as an exchange process in which communication is an important factor. Finally we have seen that negotiation forms a major part of both the external and internal operation of businesses and other organisations.

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How do people behave together?

12   Ownership and Exchange of Resources

13    Profit and Reward Distribution

14    Management Integrity

18    Management Control

Alice rubbed her eyes, and looked again. She couldn't make out what had happened at all. Was she in a shop? And was that really — was it really a sheep that was sitting on the other side of the counter?

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