Resources, activities, and controls are the essential components of all management systems, and determine the events that occur.

Management systems and organizations, like all other systems, consist of processes in which activities take place on and with resources. These processes require inputs, produce outputs and their operation depends on control. It is the primary function of management to operate these systems. In order to explore systems and their management it is first necessary to identify and observe their resources, activities, and controls. The first step in understanding these systems and their processes is to discover which of the three components of resources, activities, and controls are relevant to the issues or problems being considered.

If resources are considered their form, source, and value should be examined.

If activities are considered their requisites of opportunity, capability, and motivation should be examined.

If controls are considered their types may be prescriptive, adaptive, or reactive, and all of their stages of inspection, decisions, and initiatives should be examined.

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The chart above shows the relationships between the main components of management systems, and the stages involved in exploring them. The layout of the table below corresponds to the chart, and provides links to pages on the site that describe the components and stages in more detail.


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