is the practice of planning events, and controlling the activities and resources that are necessary to achieve them.

Resources,    Activities,    and    Controls

are the essential components of all management systems,
and determine the events that occur.

A description and simplified version of the application of the General Theory, described in the book are linked below.

Events may range from opening an office at nine o'clock on a Monday morning to completing the world's largest civil engineering project in twenty years time.

Resources may range from a junior clerk and a packet of paper clips to the employees and assets of a multinational corporation.

Activities may vary from instructing a clerk to file a letter to building a skyscraper.

Controls may range from pressing an arrow key on a keyboard to authorising the payment of a million dollars to a contractor.

In every case it is the function and responsibility of management to plan the events and control the activities and resources for which they have authority.

A glossary defining the main terms that are used is an essential foundation to serious consideration of any management theory.

Santa Claus plans for the event of Christmas, controls the resources of reindeer, sled, and presents - and carries out the activity of delivering them on time. He is managing on behalf of the parents and their children who will receive the presents.

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