MANAGEMENT - a General Theory

This is the first ever General Theory of Management. It is directed towards people who wish to discover, understand, and study management.

During the ‘’ bubble and later financial failures most well known principles of investment and management were turned on their head or ignored by so-called experts in industry, commerce, and finance. Even an elementary understanding of the General Theory of Management might have avoided these disasters.

A description and simplified version of the application of the General Theory, described in the book are linked below.

This site and the book on which it is based provide you with an overall general framework within which the subject of Management can be considered.

They provide you with a unique insight into the theory of management as a subject rather than simply a review of past and present management practices and texts.

They also provide you with a General Theory which allows management problems to be analysed logically, and enables solutions to be evaluated rationally. This, like any other basic theory, provides a key to understanding and the opportunity to apply better practical solutions in the future.

The book and website provide you with a definitive map which shows the location of, and relationships on which the fundamental principles of management rest. A glossary is also provided for you in which the precise meanings of specific terms on which the theory is based are defined.

Management is a part of business, but it is also part of most other human activity, — which business and commerce are not. Any serious study of management must, like the General Theory of Management, be capable of general application, rather than simply how to make a profit in business.

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The Beginning

'Begin at the beginning,' the King said, very gravely, 'and go on till you come to the end: then stop.'

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