Activities and the events to which they lead depend on the combination of opportunity, capability, and motivation.

Opportunity, capability, and motivation are the three essential requisites necessary for the activity of living creatures. Requisites are not part of activities, – they are intangible resources that are essential if the activities and the events associated with them are to occur. Animals cannot eat if food is not available – the availability of food and the opportunity to eat it is a requisite. Elephants do not have the capability of flight – wings are a normal requisite of flight, and elephants do not have them. Animals will not usually approach humans unless they have the motivation to do so.


Anti-requisites may exist that oppose or prevent activity. The absence or removal of opportunity, capability, or motivation will inhibit or prevent activity.

Since activity requires opportunity, capability and motivation, the logical corollary is that the absence of any one or part of these will inhibit or prevent activity. In order to prevent or inhibit activity it is not necessary to remove all of these requisites. An animal may be prevented from running away from danger if one of its legs is injured. It is not necessary to injure all of its legs, also to demotivate or terrify it, and also to put it in a cage in order to prevent its escape.

Managers who are not given budgets to carry out necessary improvements of maintenance of their resources, do not have the opportunity to manage effectively. If they are incapable of understanding new technology, or are not motivated to accept change, they cannot perform activities or achieve events at which the activities are aimed, since they lack both capability and motivation.

Rapunzle was a beautiful maiden in a Grimm’s fairy tale who lived at the top of a tower. The only way in or out was when she lowered her long hair from her window to the ground. She fell in love with a strong handsome young prince,and lowered her hair. If her Mother cuts off Rapunzle’s hair the Opportunity is removed. If she puts a ball and chain on the Prince the Capability is removed. If she tells Rapunzle that the Prince has a wife and ten children the Motivation is removed.


The three essential requisites of activity – opportunity, capability, and motivation, can be regarded as first order or first level requisites. Each of these may be broken down into progressively lower orders or levels. Each of these in turn can be separated further into a number of components.

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All three components of Opportunity, Capability, and Motivation must be present for the activity of living creatures to occur.

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